perfume gift set, gift scentThe festive season always brings about a happy feeling around. People are always thinking about travelling to visit loved ones, what gifts they are going to buy for the loved ones and so on. Other than the usual gifts we give, how about getting someone a perfume gift?

It can be very confusing deciding what kind of a fragrance a person would like. Whether it is your mum or dad, your sibling, a wife or husband, a boyfriend or girlfriend or just a friend. That is why with the below tips you can hack your way through getting a loved one a gift fragrance.

Tip # 1: Directly or indirectly try to find out what kind of a fragrance a person would like. For Women, there are floral, fruity, sweet, musky or woody fragrances. For Men we have woody, earthy, fresh, sporty, musky or oriental fragrances.

You can even gauge what kind of fragrances someone likes by knowing what they currently use.

Tip # 2: Sample around the category of scents you are looking for. If it is a woody fragrance for men, shop around or get online reviews about woody fragrances. If it is a floral scent for women, get online reviews also.

Tip # 3: As you are shopping around for a gift scent, keep in mind certain aspects like PRICE, LONGEVITY and LIKEABILITY of a fragrance. There are fragrances that receive massive thumbs up from everyone who comes across them while others spark MIXED REACTIONS.

For gift scents, always go for those scents that are easy to like. The tip is to keep it SIMPLE. Refrain from complicated scents or those scents that need a refined nose to understand it. Trust your judgment and only hope the other person would like the gift.

perfume gift setTip # 4: Choose between buying a fragrance gift set or just a fragrance bottle. For men, a gift set can have the perfume bottle, a body lotion and an aftershave. For Women the set would have the perfume bottle and the body lotion.

Tip # 5: Once you have a fragrance in mind, always ensure to shop from a trusted online or physical store. There are so many fake fragrances flooding the Kenyan Market nowadays it is even hard to know how the legitimate fragrance smells like.Find out more on how to spot a fake fragrance on my article

Tip # 6: You do not need to break your bank to get someone a designer fragrance. During this festive season, you will always find items on SALE including fragrances. Always ensure to inquire if an item is on sale; you can get massive discounts especially on items with gift sets.

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