Nude by Rihanna | Signature Scent Review

Nude by Rihanna, gift fragrance, fruity fragrance, floral fragranceI did not think I would have a new signature scent untilĀ Nude by Rihanna. To be honest, I was over the moon first time I smelled this amazing juicy floral fragrance. It was intriguing how this smell captured my senses instantly and am totally loving it!

The first spray on my wrist gave me a sweet fruity accord thanks to the guava, pear and mandarin opening notes. As the scent settles down on my skin, I get hearty floral notes that blend well with the fruity accords. Going through the ingredients and we have the amazing Sambac Jasmine, Gardenia petals and Orange blossom.

I also detected a vanilla note from this scent as it lingered on my nose. Not to my surprise I found out that we have vanilla orchid notes on the base note. Other notes on the base include sandalwood and musk. Any muskiness in a fragrance makes it stick to your skin and this enhances the sensuality of this fragrance

My feelings about Nude by Rihanna is that it is sexy, mature, classy and makes me feel unrestricted. This fragrance can be worn on a date or an evening out and can still be rocked in the office. The scent is an EDP, meaning it has more perfume oils in it and therefore very much long lasting. On my skin it goes for 8 to 12 hours.

As to the projection on this scent, it is amazing. It is strong and you could pick it out from a distance for hours. This is definitely a strong scent but not overbearing for me. However, if you get tired easily of strong sweet scents then this can be a turn off for you. This is totally an amazing gift fragrance. I give it a rating of 4 out 5.

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