Should Men Really Wear Cologne?

Why Do Some Men Hate Using Cologne?  

should men wear cologne, deodorant, 80% of Men Do Not Wear Fragrance Regularly 

As Men we iron our clothes, comb our hair, brush our teeth, tidy our beards, polish our shoes and go to the gym. 

Why do we do all these things? To look right. 

If we do all these for our appearance, why do we neglect our scent? Possibly, it is because of some of the reasons listed below. 

  • Some Men Think That Fragrances Are For Teens & Women 

Most men used cologne or deodorant  during their teenage years thinking that it would attract love. At some point, they ‘got wise’ and realized that using cologne or a fragrance was embarrassing and dumb. Much like, ‘smells are for girls.’ Therefore, it remained like that for their adult years. 

After all, Women dominate the fragrance industry and most men simply do not know the terminology. 

  • Some Men Really Just Don’t see the need of a Scent 

Well, so long as I do not smell bad, there is really no need for cologne or deodorant. It seems there are many reasons to wear cologne rather than just masking bad smell and attracting love. 

  • Lack of Information 

Most men who use any kind of fragrance were either introduced to this practice by either a father,  a big brother or a role model. Thus, if your father did not use cologne or a deodorant, it is likely that you too will not use it. If someone did not take time to tell you about the benefits of fragrances, most likely you will not see the need for them. 

  • The Fear Of Using a Cologne The Wrong Way 

This is a major one. Most men have had bad cologne experiences. There is the fear of overusing cologne or deodorants and its repercussions. Using a fragrance the wrong way can negatively affect your reputation. Luckily, you can easily learn about the top 10 fragrance tips for men.

Men Should Wear Cologne Because; 

  • Smell Is The Most Powerful Sense 

There are apps for everything: connecting with friends virtually, shopping, sharing videos, monitoring a home remotely, and other functions. 

However, there is no app for sharing smell. That means that smell is a powerful human sense. Smell brings back memories. A smell of something like a perfect perfume or fish cooking can instantly recreate memories from decades ago. 

  • Wearing Cologne Shows That You Care About Yourself 

It shows that you love yourself and value yourself. When you value yourself, other people will value you. 

  • Cologne Creates an Impression 

It makes an impression to others. It also helps you to feel good about yourself. 

  • Cologne Defines a Man 

Your cologne gives you a definition. A man needs a signature smell.  

The biggest mistake you can ever make as a man it to ignore your scent. This is because your scent defines you. It makes you to feel good about yourself. It gives you a good impression.

P.S: It does not matter if it is a cologne, a deodorant or aftershave, smelling good creates an Impression and you do not have to overdo it, Just a little goes a long way. 

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