live luxe, jennifer lopez, JLO, fruity fragranceIf you are in search for a fruity, floral fragrance, LIVE LUXE by JENNIFER LOPEZ might just be the scent for you. This fragrance smells sweet, it is kind of fresh and perfect for a date night or a hang out with friends. LIVE LUXE came out in 2006 and it evokes so many reactions from different people.

To start with the INGREDIENTS, the opening note has peach and pear, while the middle note has the florals. The base note has soft musk and diamond musk. The mix of these ingredients result in a lively and versatile fragrance.

LIVE LUXE is definitely one of the stronger J LO scents. It has a good projection that would go for about 3 hours straight. When it comes to LONGEVITY, it is also great. LIVE LUXE would go for between 7 to 12 hours. Therefore, a little of this scent goes a long way.

I have encountered a number of J LO fragrances and they are quite fair in terms of smell as well as the pricing. LIVE LUXE is quite affordable, with the 100ml bottle going for around KES. 7,000 to 8,000. It also comes in the 50ml bottle; you could therefore work with a budget that suits your pocket.

This scent would definitely suit a young lady, someone full of energy and vibrancy. In a sense, this fragrance is lush. This fragrance is definitely not for everyone. For an individual not into overly sweet, overly fruity scents, this can be a turn off.

LIVE LUXE comes in a very attractive vintage looking bottle. You will definitely fall for the packaging. The bottle looks like it contains a ‘love portion’. On that note, I would describe this scent as a teaser, a little bit sexy and playful. It can be a good signature fragrance also.

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