9 Ways to Differentiate a Genuine Perfume from a Fake

With so many fake perfumes in the market, how do you identify a genuine perfume? With these 9 tips, you will become an expert at distinguishing genuine perfumes from the fakes.

After you read this post, no one will ever rip off again by selling you fake perfume claiming that it is an original one.

1.Check the Packaging

Check the overall quality of the box. Real packaging is normally made from very high-quality paperboard to protect the perfume bottle from getting damaged. Look at things like thickness, color, edges, fold marks, and size of the box.

  • The inner box of a fragrance should also be made with high-quality paperboard material. You should check the thickness, size, and color of the box.

2.The Cellophane


The cellophane should cling on to the box tightly. It should not be loose like that of the perfume on the left. The cellophane should not be strained, wrinkled or cloudy.

  • The cellophane wrapping (clear wrapper that covers the perfume) ought to be thick and clear with no signs of too much glue or sticky tape.

3.Inspect the Perfume Bottle

Always inspect the quality of a perfume bottle.

  • A genuine fragrance has a high-quality bottle that has a smooth fine surface that is not contoured unless that is its original design.
  • A glass bottle should not have air bubbles or molding marks.
  • The bottle cap of an authentic fragrance is usually perfectly proportioned. It should also stick tightly to the bottle

4.The Printing

Check the outer box that the names are spelled correctly as well as the description of the perfume. More often than not, fake fragrances usually have a name misspelled or a grammatical error in the description of the product.

  • Printing at the bottom of the bottle and on the outer box should be of high quality. A genuine perfume bottle will have information embossed on it.

5.Check Fragrance Color


You should look through the perfume bottle and check the fragrance color.

  • Most well-known brands use natural ingredients without a lot of dye hence their color is usually pale. On the other hand, most counterfeit perfumes have a lot of dye and you will see that when you look through the bottle the fragrance is darker.
  • Also, the perfume should not have sediments.

6.Check Fragrance Oiliness

You need to check fragrance oiliness. Excessive oiliness is an indication of a fake perfume.

7.The Fragrance Lasting Time

Take note of the fragrance lasting time. Most fake fragrances tend to lose their scent faster.

8.Verify the Barcode


The barcode can easily be forged. A fake perfume can have the barcode of an original perfume. However, it is still worth checking the barcode because some manufacturers of fake perfumes may be careless to the extent that they use fake bar codes.

You should verify the barcode using a smart phone barcode scanning app.

  • A perfume that does not scan should raise a red flag.
  • If the perfume scans but shows a different product, that is also a red flag.

9.Find out the Reputation of a Seller

Always buy perfume from a reputable seller. Also, confirm that their fragrances have been obtained from reputable suppliers. Background research will help you to know the reputation of a seller. You should visit online third party review websites and sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out what past customers have to say about a particular perfume retailer.

The Bottom-Line

The tips above will help you to find genuine perfume. When you are in doubt about the authenticity of a perfume, you should not try it on your skin as it might have dangerous elements.

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